New Hampshire-based Mike Azevedo has become one of the most prominent
photographers on the eastern seaboard and around the world. With a
burgeoning knowledge of riders, tricks and locations, Mike's skills have
made him an integral part of the east coast scene, as he has his finger
on the pulse of that area in the snowboard world. He's also a fantastic
human being, as I have known Mike for a long time now, and he's equally
as fascinating on the hill as he is off of it. Plainly put, Mike is very
talented, driven and knowledgable and snowboarding would benefit from
more photographers like him. 

 - Tom Monterosso, Editor of Snowboarder Magazine

Vedo's latest photo submission was the strongest it's ever been, and
included one of the most memorable and talked about Snowboarder Magazine
covers of 2015. His lighting and timing really made that image jump out
at you, which is typical of his work. It seemed like he was right in
the landing path of the rider, it had to of been a close call. Come to
think of it he shot one of our best covers last year as well. I can't
wait to see what he has in store for us this season.

 -Ryan Hughes, Photo editor of Snowboarder Magazine


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